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Pharmaceutical Name: Ningxinbao capsules
Character: This product is capsule. The inclusion is yellow brown or deep brown powder, and have specific stink.
Pharmacology properties:
Pharmaceutical metabolic dynamic:
Adaptive symptom: This product can improve sinus rhythm of heart and conduction of ventriclea and atria . Therapy for obstinate arrhythmia, retardarce of conduction of ventriclea and atria
Usage and dosage: Take one tablet once, 3 times a day, or take under the suggestion of doctor.
Usage for children: Unknow
Side-effect: Unknow
Tabu: Unknow
Precaution: It is not fit for the sufferer from serious arrhythmia that will result in death because it only makes effect after one week.
Usage for pregnant and lactation women: Unknow
Pharmaceutical interaction: Unknow
Specification: 0.25g/tablets Period of validity: three years
Preservation: Sealed preservation at the shady and cool place Packing: 50 tablets per plastic bottle
Authorize civilization: Z31020487 of national health bureau medicine authorization character
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