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Pharmaceutical Name: Coenzyme Q10 capsules
Character: This product is yellow crystalloid powder in capsule.
Pharmacology properties: This product is one of the most important coenzyme which have physical and biochemical biochemistry effect on body cell. It is an activation substance of cell metabolism and respiration. It can promote the reaction of oxide-phosphate, protect and renew the integrity of the membrane structure, and build up immunity reaction. It is reported that coenzyme Q10 can improve the energy metabolism of cardiac muscle and other cardiac muscle function ,and get the transportation of heart blood strong and get the pressure of heart blood vessel low. Furthermore it can facilitate the rehabilitation of liver cell, increase the synthesis of liver hepatin.
Pharmaceutical metabolic dynamic: Tracing research by sampling this combination showed that this product could be absorbed rapidly, and the dissolution concentration reached its peak in the blood about 1 hour later. It mainly distributes in liver, adrenal gland, heart, and brain tissue. The producetion after being metabolized in liver and a majority of pharmaceutical protoplasm is evacuated from dejecta.
Adaptive symptom: It is suitable for secondary therapy to coronary heart disease, heart failure, rheumatic cardiopathy, arrhythmia and acute or chronic virosis hepatitis.
Usage and dosage: Take 20~30mg (2~3 tablets) , three times a day
Usage for children: Unknown
Side-effect: Few sufferer may get tetter , low-grade naupathia and uncomfortableness of midsection.
Tabu: Unknown
Precaution: Unknown
Usage for pregnant and lactation women: Unknown
Pharmaceutical interaction: Unknown
Specification: 10mg Period of validity: 18 months
Preservation: Sealed preservation at shady , cool and dry place. Packing: Plastic bottled, 30 or 60/bottle and 150 bottles per ark
Authorize civilization: H19999355 of national health bureau medicine authorization character
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