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Pharmaceutical Name: Ofloxacin capsules
Character: This product is capsule. This product is near white or light yellow powder or granule
Pharmacology properties: This product is the inhibitor of DNA helicase, and strong antibacterial to gram negative, gram positive and partial anaerobic bacterium. There are no intersectant anti-pharmaceutical properties with other antibiotics.
Pharmaceutical metabolic dynamic: This product can be absorbed completely and disperse every tissue in high concentration except brain tissues. Most of the pharmaceutical can be excreted in original form from emiction.
Adaptive symptom: It is used to acute or chronic infection of urethra, procreation, respiration system caused by sensitive bacterial for these departments as surgery, internal medicine, urology, gynecology, ophthalmology, dermatology,etc.
Usage and dosage: Take 0.2~0.3g (2~3 capsules) , twice a day, or take under the suggestion of doctor.
Usage for children: Unknow
Side-effect: It may occur naupathia , vomit, discomfort of stomach and abdomen, swirl, headache, insomnia, tetter and the increasing of enzyme in serum, but that can be endurable usually . All these symptoms will be disappeared when stopping for it.
Tabu: To baby, pregnant, lactation women,epileptic and the patient who is sensitive to ketone pharmacy.
Precaution: The patient who suffer seriously from kidney decaying, seriously from sclerotic brain blood vessel and other morbid nerve centre system should be careful in taking.
Usage for pregnant and lactation women: Unknow
Pharmaceutical interaction: Unknow
Specification: 0.1g Period of validity: Two Years
Preservation: Sealed preservation at the shady place Packing: 12 or 20 tablets per aluminium- plasticed box, 400 boxes per ark
Authorize civilization: H10940223 of national health bureau medicine authorization character
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