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Pharmaceutical Name: Cefradine capsules
Character: This product is white or light yellow powder or granule.
Pharmacology properties: This product prevents from gram positive cocci, especially from B -hemolytic streptococcus , pneumococcus, and ananaerobic cocci. It has also antibacterial activity to some gram negative cocci for example salmonella typhia, salmonella typhimurium, and only slightly to staphylococcus aureaus and E. coli , but not do to pseudomonas aeruginosa and brucella bacilli.
Pharmaceutical metabolic dynamic: This product can be absorbed rapidly when taking in limosis. The rate of combination with the albumen in serum is about 6%. It can disperse to all body tissue and tissue juice widely, ever can permeate placenta with no being metabolized. Most is evacuated from kidney , and few be done from bile with 80% to 90% in protoplasm.
Adaptive symptom: Adapting to some inflammation caused by staphylococcus ,hemolytic streptococcus, neumococcus, E.coli, proteus mirabilis, klebsiella spp, haemophilus influenza etc, for example aspiratory infection, prostatitis, urethritis, skin and parenchyma infection, etc.
Usage and dosage: Take 0.25~0.5g (1~2 capsules) for adult once, every 6 hours once daily, may increase to 1g (4 capsules) when being infected badly.
Usage for children: Unknow
Side-effect: The side-effects of this product are similar to that of cephalosporins, occasionally make some results as stomach and intestine turbulence hives, tetter, joint ache , the increasing slightly of acidophilic granulocyte , the decreasing of leucocyte and hypersusceptibility from usually some sufferers that ever have been hypersusceptible to asthma, pollenosis and mealses.
Tabu: Please keep carefully for the patient who is sensitive to penicillium antibiotics, and keep prohibition for the patient who is sensitive to ceplosporin antibiotics .
Precaution: 1、 The sufferers from kidney decaying should decrease dosage. 2、 Confirmation should be obtained before taking for the sufferers from enteritis for fear that leads to false velum dissolved enteritis 3、 The examination of emiction may be pseudo-positive after taking this product.
Usage for pregnant and lactation women: Unknown
Pharmaceutical interaction: Unknown
Specification: 0.25g Period of validity: Two years
Preservation: Sealed preservation Packing: 24 tablets with aluminium-plasticed package per boxes, 500 boxes per ark, or 200 boxes per ark.
Authorize civilization: H31021328 of national health bureau medicine authorization character.
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