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    This product prevents from gram positive cocci, especially from B -hemolytic streptococcus , pneumococcus, and ananaerobic cocci. It has also antibacterial activity to some gram negative cocci for example salmonella typhia, salmonella typhimurium, and only slightly to staphylococcus aureaus and E. coli , but not do to pseudomonas aeruginosa and brucella bacilli.  
Cefradine capsules
    This product is the inhibitor of DNA helicase, and strong antibacterial to gram negative, gram positive and partial anaerobic bacterium. There are no intersectant anti-pharmaceutical properties with other antibiotics.  
Ofloxacin capsules

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    This product is a kind of anti- hypertension pharmaceutical. It is to restrain the activity of ACE and preventing ARBI from the conversion to ARBII, that make the activity of plasma adrenalin stronger, and do the resistance of blood vessel lower. It can also react directly to the blood vessel to decrease blood pressure. On the side, it can decrease the heart burthen and lung blood vessel resistance, and improve the blood transportation of heart pump.
Captopril Tablets
    This product is one of the most important coenzyme which have physical and biochemical biochemistry effect on body cell. It is an activation substance of cell metabolism and respiration. It can promote the reaction of oxide-phosphate, protect and renew the integrity of the membrane structure, and build up immunity reaction. It is reported that coenzyme Q10 can improve the energy metabolism of cardiac muscle and other cardiac muscle function ,and get the transportation of heart blood strong and get the pressure of heart blood vessel low. Furthermore it can facilitate the rehabilitation of liver cell, increase the synthesis of liver hepatin.
Coenzyme Q10 capsules
Ningxinbao capsules
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